Robots of Brixton

Robots of Brixton!!

Monday, 11 October 2010

Young Vic Tunnels

Drawing 01

Initially I planned on filming a squat in an old council estate in Tower Hamlets. I was drawn to the building as the artwork on the building (made by its residents) had made it into something much more interesting that your typical 60's council block. Unfortunetly on my planned day of filming, I found out the building had been demolished way back in March, there wasn't even any rubble to film, just some hoarding around a piece of grass.

I decided to look for another piece of architecture that I like for the same reason.. This led me to the "Banksy Tunnel" in Waterloo where again a seemingly mundane piece of architecture has been transformed and turned into a spectacle, I wanted this to be the subject of my short film.

I have tried to show the process I went through in Drawing 01.

Drawing 02

Made after my film edit, the film transformed into something slightly different. I was filming with Jonathan Gales and we managed to get access to the Young Vic Tunnels where they were setting up an exhibition. It was pretty cool just walking around the space as they were setting up the show, it was like a building site... Technically I learnt how to track cameras and place modelled 3D object convincingly into real footage. I will post the film tomorrow.

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